Benefits for Contractors and Business Partners

Yellow Safety Plan book

The Mid-America Carpenters Region Council’s Safety Department provides you with safety training programs that help your company reduce the incidence of job site accidents. We want to help you to lower your worker compensation and liability insurance costs and minimize your exposure to OSHA citations. As your business partner, we can offer you a customized business solution for a safe way to build and maintain your properties.

The Carpenters’ Safety Program:

  • Provides a skilled workforce trained in safety and health-related topics.
  • Will review and help update your written site safety and health programs.
  • Performs an independent on-site safety and health audit when requested.
  • Works together with the contractor to help reduce worker compensation rates and work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Provides a resource for questions regarding regulatory compliance and standards interpretations.
  • Offers a resource for job site Safety Toolbox Talks.
  • Promotes on-site safety and health training including fall protection, leading edge, controlled access zone (CAZ), electrical, ladder, heat- and cold-related illnesses, lockout/tagout, etc.
  • Will attend an informal OSHA conference to help defend a safety-conscious signatory contractor, when requested.
  • Can create informational seminars for members and contractors.
  • Supports the creation of safety and health partnerships such as OSHA/contractor/owner strategic partnerships, monthly site audit partnerships, etc.

Put OSHA to work for you.

OSHA is a valuable tool when working to create a safe and profitable project.  We already have established relationships with OSHA at the regional, state and federal levels; these lines of communication are beneficial to everyone.

Train everyone in safety.

Our multi-employer training trusts allow us to provide continuing safety education and many industry-required safety and certification courses.

Lower your costs and rates.

Safety is our number one priority. Our safety training programs help to reduce the incidence of construction accidents. They help lower the cost of worker compensation and liability insurance rates and minimize your exposure to OSHA citations.

Partner with the best.

We represent the best of the best in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and parts of Iowa.  Our carpenters are the most productive, efficient, highly trained and safest workers you will find anywhere.

Improve your bottom line.

Since 1881 we have provided excellence in labor, expertise and skilled craftsmanship. Our commercial construction contractors and members are highly trained and deliver with great pride the best quality workmanship. You save time and money when your construction project is built right the first time.